Three featured artifacts that I created during my completion of the Masters of Science in Youth Development Leadership program at Clemson University

This Youth Fitness Obstacle Course lesson plan was created utilizing information provided through the literature, Equipping Quality Youth Professionals (E-QYP). The E-QYP is a valuable guiding resource for Youth Development Leaders for practical and age appropriate activities. I will refer back to this assignment and the E-QYP literature frequently as I continue to work with and plan programs for youth in the area of fitness.
This newsletter is meant to compliment the Tackling a Family Issue paper. Positive coaching involves the athletes, coaches and the families. Lowering pressure, guiding parents through positive encouragement, and keeping the fun in sport are all parts of creating a positive environment. Using this newsletter as a resource, Youth Development Leaders can provide tips and information to help Coaches to effectively lead their athletes and their families and provide a positive coaching environment. 
The continued success of the dancers I have the opportunity to train is of utmost importance to me. Upperclassmen in high school are faced with many decisions as they approach graduation and any ease with the transition into a new season of life is beneficial. Through utilizing the technology that is readily available to them The Dancer Development Program guides dancers interested in dance post secondary school through necessary planning. As a Youth Development Leader knowledge of the Positive Technological Development Framework acted as guide for developing the curriculum of the program. 
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