Professional Philosophy

 I am committed to working with youth in a positive, supportive and encouraging environment and to teaching them life skills that go far community center programs. I want to instill in youth a strong sense of self confidence, personal connection with their surroundings, and various life skills that they can use to function appropriately in society. In order achieve this goal; I would consistently encourage positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, healthy life habits, physical fitness, self- motivation and discipline. To accomplish a safe environment, I would focus on active awareness of space and self without harmful judgment of others, and create experiences where youth are always learning from each other. I am responsible for providing rich experiences for all types of learners to grow from. I am responsible for employing an approach to training that creates a supportive environment that promotes confidence, independence and fun. I am responsible for creating a warm, happy, safe and healthy place for youth. My classes, programs and events shall reflect knowledge of dance, fitness and health and the overall growth and development of youth. 

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